About us

The original inspiration for Portree Nursery Ltd. came from a group of dedicated parents who ‘fired’ by a lack of suitable premises for a playgroup, fund-raised £10,000 for this purpose. Grants were received from Highland Council Development, the Local Enterprise Company and the European Leader Fund to a total of £55,000. These were on condition that a daycare facility was also provided for children aged 4 months to 8 years. In a matter of months the dedicated parents had taken a voluntary playgroup and transformed it into a non-profit making company.

Portree Nursery Ltd. opened on 4th October 1993 with a playgroup room for 20 children, a communal kitchen, toilets and a daycare room for 6 children. The Daycare opened as an unknown quantity but it soon became evident that there was a greater demand than there were places for this popular, well-used facility. The lack of provision for preschool children with special needs and the ever-growing demand for more daycare places highlighted the need for an extension to the original building. Again, the Board of Directors, staff and parents raised funds and received grants.

The extension was opened in August 1996 which enabled us to provide a larger daycare room, a fully-equipped special needs area with teaching and relaxation rooms and a preschool class for 21 children. In August 2003 the Nursery was altered to provide a baby room.

Portree Nursery Ltd. is a non-profit making company and is a registered charity.