Our Daycare facility provides care for babies from the age of 4 months up to children of 5 years old

We are registered to take children up to the age of 8, however demand for this age range is only currently required during school holidays.

We have a fully equipped baby room which can accommodate up to 12 babies under the age of 2 years. With the refurbishment which has been recently completed, our baby room provides a tranquil home from home environment using natural materials, allowing babies the freedom to explore their surroundings and develop their learning.

Children aged 2-3 years play in the ‘Movers’ room which has been equipped with low furniture and cabinets allowing the children to select toys of their choice. There is also sand/water/messy play and a painting easel giving children the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Both rooms follow Pre-birth to 3 framework, which has been set up by the Scottish Government for all nurseries to enable children to have the same learning opportunities and develop to their full potential. Weekly planning is completed for individual children’s needs, along with running a key worker system, whereby one carer takes primary responsibility for your child. To promote health and well-being for all children we provide healthy snacks and have three sleep rooms available for children’s sleeping routines.

Settling in is an important stage in the transition between home and the outside world. The length of time children take to settle varies considerably and so sometimes a parent may need to stay for a short time to reassure their child that this new place and its people are as safe as home. Daycare offers settling in sessions and the amount varies as to each child’s individual needs.

We want to promote successful learners and confident individuals. This is achieved through developing positive, caring and consistent relationships using the key worker system. We value parent’s contributions and views while encouraging reciprocal sharing of information through our “Birth to Three” home/nursery link diaries. Our developmental focus for our planning centres on:

S—Social Development

P—Physical Development

I—Intellectual Development

C—Communication Development

E—Emotional Development

Finally, we wish to promote the idea that